Everyday Jewellery Care: A Comprehensive Guide to Looking After Your Rings, Necklaces, and More

Everyday Jewellery Care: A Comprehensive Guide to Looking After Your Rings, Necklaces, and More

Jewellery is more than just an everyday accessory; it's a reflection of your style and personality. Whether it's an everyday ring passed down through generations, a shimmering gold necklace, or a bold statement necklace, proper care ensures its shine and beauty persist. At UNTAMD, we guarantee premium quality in both our materials and craftsmanship. However, even the most radiant gold ring or silver necklace requires diligent care. Here are our essential tips to maintain the sparkle and allure of your favourite everyday pieces.

Everyday Routine: Mind Your Makeup

Do you wear makeup daily? Whether you're putting on a light touch or a full face, be cautious with your everyday ring or necklace nearby. Mercury in some makeup products can react adversely with metals, causing tarnishing or a loss of lustre. To protect your jewellery, including that statement necklace or gold necklace, apply makeup first and let it set before adorning your jewellery.

Prep Before Adorning Your Everyday Necklace or Ring

Skincare products and perfumes might be daily essentials, but they can affect your silver or gold necklace's condition. Once you've finished applying these products, give them time to absorb or dry before wearing your jewellery. This minimises the contact between potentially harmful chemicals and your precious UNTAMD pieces.

Storage Matters: Ensuring Longevity for Your Everyday Ring and More

Proper storage is the key to longevity. Keep your everyday necklace, statement necklace, or any other jewellery away from dust, moisture, and potential scratches. Store them in their original boxes or use an organiser.

Gentle Cleansing: Shine Bright Like Your Gold Ring

Every piece, be it a gold ring or a silver necklace, can benefit from a cleansing ritual. Over time, residues build up, diminishing their sparkle. Use a soft toothbrush or our specially provided sunglass cleaning cloth for surface cleaning. For a deeper cleanse, lukewarm water and mild soap can restore its shine. This is especially handy for pieces like constellation pendants; our cloth erases fingerprints and adds shine.

Professional Attention for Your Everyday Necklace and Beyond

Regular at-home care for your jewellery, be it an everyday necklace or a unique gold ring, is crucial. Still, occasional professional check-ups ensure they remain in top condition. Professional jewellers can inspect clasps, settings, and provide specialised cleaning treatments to revitalise your pieces.

Proper care is an investment in your jewellery's longevity, whether it's an everyday ring, statement necklace, or any other piece. Following these guidelines, you'll enjoy your cherished items for years. With the right care, every gold or silver necklace, ring, and more will shine as brilliantly as when you first fell in love with them.

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