Our Vision

UNTAMD believe in the beauty of human connection. Our brand is a vision- one which nourishes both the individual and the collective. Deriving inspiration from the natural world, our team and community, diversity lives and grows within each link of UNTAMD. Our high-quality methods and materials tame the tarnish, ensuring life-long pieces that never lose their spirit.

Our Story

From root to fruition, evolution and growth has become integral to the story of UNTAMD. Our team began as a small collective/ (community) of individuals, passionate about jewellery and its power to express individual identity and ideas. Frustrated with the often-rigid and inaccessible nature of the jewellery-scape, our team collaborated with a selection of young designers from around the world, giving complete creative freedom to design. Collections centered around nuances of the natural world, this collaboration and collective passion for jewellery, became the first footsteps of UNTAMD.

As our small team began to grow, evolution naturally followed. Fast forward to our base in London, a melting pot of untamed creation in its own right- our small creative team continued to collaborate with artists and personalities from varying backgrounds and experiences. The vision of UNTAMD, like any other living, breathing organism continued to evolve with the addition of new minds. Passionate about creating engaging stories, our visionary creative team believed in jewellery as an extension of identity, with each piece able to represent not only the individual but equally represent a community, brought together by an appreciation of beautiful things and art.

Manufactured in the romantic North of Italy, the fruits of our creative labors began to take physical space in the world. Each piece contains an idea, a pencil stroke, or piece of our team. UNTAMD, like a plant that needs water to grow- doesn’t stop at product. Most importantly, our community …Our journal space allows our brand to engage with topics and people unrelated to our jewellery, our favourite films or music we’ve been inspired by recently.

Our Methods

Aside from harnessing creativity and community, we care about quality. Our pieces are an extension of ourselves- we need to take care of them! We believe in being transparent with our community regarding process and how we strike a balance between affordability and durability.

To ensure this, all our pieces are plated with real gold. There are various methods used in gold-plating of jewellery, a method called Micron-plating, suggested by our Italian manufacturers offers the highest quality of gold-plating.

This method multiple, thick layers of real gold, transferred using a gold bath, which ensures durability and gives a rich shine. Gold-plating has a bad rep, with negative associations regarding longevity as gold-plating is offered to create accessibility within the market, offering cheaper alternatives to solid gold pieces.

UNTAMD believe in solving this problem and offering solutions in affordable, scratch resistant, high-quality pieces by researching modern production methods.

Not forgetting about our silver pieces, rhodium plating means your silver jewellery won’t oxidise if you take a shower or swim in them. Oxidization is the nasty dark-green residue left on your skin from wearing low-quality jewellery. This lack of plating means the pieces dull incredibly quickly and only after a few wears begin to lose their shine. UNTAMD don’t believe that wearing good quality jewellery should break the bank or result in green skin!

Preserving the integrity of our creatives and our community- our production methods aim to pin-point problems within the industry and offer solutions.