Introducing Gecko: Making our mark

Introducing Gecko: Making our mark

It feels only right to begin the UNTAMD blog with the story of our first collection. Inspired by the Gecko footprint, our team have been fascinated and curious about the Gecko’s habitual nature, as well as the aesthetics of the reptile as our first creative exploration of the natural world. 

Aesthetically, the Gecko footprint is reminiscent of symmetry present within architectural techniques. Smooth curves and lines- an organic creation of our natural world. Infrastructurally, nature’s reference and infiltration into the built world, is everywhere around us. A well-known example is Zaha Hadid’s Heydar Aliyev centre, Baku. Alongside famous fashion designers such as Iris Van Herpen. Pioneering designers constructing architectural and fashion masterpieces by using the simple elements of the natural world. 

The Gecko resides in every continent except from Antarctica across the world. They’re able to produce ranging calls to communicate including chirps, barks and clicks.  Their diverse abilities and adaptability sparked interest in our team, and has materialised as this first intricate, elegant collection.

The legacy and impact as a result of repetitive, naturally occurring lines in the worlds of nature and design felt fitting for our first collection, representative of our first footsteps as a brand. Making a mark on the jewellery industry and a community, who share a love of considered design and pioneering methods. We’re excited to share more of our brand with you in coming brand posts, including styling edits and chats with upcoming designers! Stay tuned. 


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